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Поле не заполнено
Поле не заполнено
Поле не заполнено
Take a journey to the world inside you.
This is no ordinary Superhero book. This is an eye-opening glimpse through captivating stories, of real Superheroes right inside your body. See what’s happening when you or your kids experience viral and bacterial invasions, brain fog, acne, IBS, auto-immune disease or ADHD type disorders.

Meet Mac, Den, Neutro, and a host of other Superheroes as they battle invaders on their mission to keep you safe.

​Who are these invaders and what do they want? Will the Superheroes overcome and take back control? Or will the invaders succeed in their hostile plans?
Dr. Mazari-Anderson Ph.D (Biologist and Naturopathic teacher) Canada

“Carolyn has done an amazing job explaining to children the importance of the normal flora. Topics that are not easy to explain. So glad to see someone sharing her story via a kid’s book that I am sure will have a huge impact on children and their families. Understanding the best way of taking care of your health in a fun way is extremely valuable. Good job!”

Laura Bland (Fitness Coach and Mentor) UK

“It’s really great, very well-written. I love the humour and characters but at the same time very informative!”
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